Date: 23 April 2025, 8pm to 9.30pm AEDT

Duration: 15 sessions

Investment: Payment in full $1800 or via weekly instalment

Participants: Small group (6 to 8 people)

Unlock the Healing Power of Play: Empowering Parents, Transforming Families!

During this 16 week group filial family therapy course, you will learn the ‘best’ language to use to communicate with and relate to your children and observe how it strengthens your parent-child relationship, supporting your child to develop confidence, greater self control and resilience.

You will achieve this through a powerful play method that has changed the lives of so many families we have worked with that were stressed, struggling and helpless. 

But this is no ordinary play we are talking about. This is a 30 minute, once a week very special kind of play, based on the widely researched, highly effective educational and skill development program for parents/caregivers called Filial Therapy (Latin word for parent-child). We use some of our ‘tools of the trade’ that play therapists adopt in their play therapy sessions to help children who are struggling emotionally express and process their troubled feelings that may be as a result of stress or stressors in their life and develop their emotional intelligence skills accordingly.

Children communicate most easily through their play and not words. Children will show their inner thoughts and feelings including any worries and concerns over confusing or distressing events.   

This course greatly benefits caregivers because they will be taught to better understand their child’s feelings, motives and development, learn firsthand the importance of child centered play, and expand the ways they communicate with their children too. These amazing life skills can also be applied to everyday parenting and relationships. All of these things will lead to deeper connection and openness in your relationship with your children, reducing frustration, conflict and negativity relationship dynamics.