Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access play therapy support for my child?

You can begin by booking yourself (parent) in for your first consultation.

At The Family Systems Hub, we believe that children get the most out of play therapy experience when their parent or caregiver explores their own inner workings and therefore, are equipped to support the play therapy journey. So, we begin your child’s therapy journey by having an initial Pathway consultation with you, the parent. Once we’ve been through that process with you and determined the best pathway for your child, we then place your child on our waitlist and enrol you, the parent, into our 4 x week Tuning Into You course, which works to strengthen the system as a whole.

How do I access therapy for myself?

Simply go to our Pathways portal and explore the Parent System Pathway to see the range of offerings we provide, and which therapist can provide it, and then book directly via the website.

Do you offer couple parenting therapy?

Yes. Within both the Parent System Pathway, and the Family System Pathway you can access relationship therapy. Simply choose your therapist and book directly.

I’m a first time Mum/ Dad/ Caregiver and would like to explore my/our impending parenthood, can I/we see someone for this?

We have a few offerings within our Pathways that might prepare you for impending parenthood. The best way to determine your pathway would be to book a Discovery Call with us and then take it from there.

I’m a play therapist/social worker / educator and I would like to access some individual or group supervision, how do I do that?

Yes! You can access play therapy supervision through our Professional System Pathway portal and book directly.

Can I just place my child on a waitlist?

No. To place your child on a waitlist, we require you to undertake a Pathways consultation first, so we can better understand your needs and how we can best help. Once you’ve booked and paid for your Pathway Consultation, your child will automatically be placed on our waitlist for play therapy at the hub.

I have NDIS funding, can I use my funding to access your supports for myself or child?

Yes, you can, we just don’t accept NDIA funding. If you have NDIS funding, we expect the client to pay first and you’ll receive a receipt from us to access your reimbursement from the plan provider.

Do I have to have to book a Pathways consultation first if I want to see one of your therapists for myself?

No. You can directly go to our Parent System Pathway page and book
directly with the therapist that aligns with you.