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At Play Therapy Hub our play therapists have undergone extensive supporting education, training, supervision in play therapy for children aged 2 – 10 years.

Each of the Play Therapy Hub team hold additional qualifications in social work, education, art therapy, music therapy, psychology or counselling and are accredited members of either Australian Play Therapists Association or Australasia Pacific Play Therapy Association

Please, get to know our Play Therapy Melbourne team by reading a little bit about us in our profiles below.

To speak to one of us, you can give us a call or request an appointment to organise an initial consultation at our Play Therapy Melbourne Hub. We’d be happy to make contact for a no-obligation 10-minute chat with you.

Helen Barrett Clinical Play Therapist Play Therapy for Children

Helen Barrett

Play Therapy | Filial Therapy | Parent Coaching

Helen practices as a registered play therapist, clinical social worker and parent educator and is passionate about two things: children feeling seen, heard and understood by their parents/caregivers, their educators and the world and second, empowering parents to raise their consciousness to grow themselves so they can GROW their children. She has extensive experience in treating a broad range of childhood behavioural difficulties as a result of developmental and complex trauma, attachment disruption, anxiety, bereavement, family life disruption/adjustments and family dynamics.  She has a particular interest in working with young children under the age of 5 who present with regulation, anxiety, low self esteem or attachment disruption concerns.  She also offers parent education and coaching to parents and caregivers, providing a reflective and supportive space to help families through stressful periods and resource them to be more sensitive and responsive to their children’s needs, bringing more connection and harmony in the home. 

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Natalie Scira

Play Therapy | Filial Therapy | Learn to Play | Parent Coaching

Natalie is passionate about supporting children to achieve their full developmental potential, optimal health and wellbeing.  She believes in nurturing each child’s socio-emotional health from early in life to ensure the best possible foundation for a happy, healthy and well-adjusted adulthood. Natalie believes child development is influenced by family and community, as well as life experiences and the way in which these have been processed and understood by the child. She is also a trained and qualified Learn 2 Play Therapist and is skilled in helping children to establish and strengthen the building blocks of play which are necessary for mastery of more complex play skills that contribute to language development, higher-order thinking and social competency.

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Jen Play Therapy & Learn to Play

Jean Borg

Play Therapy | Filial Therapy | Learn to Play | Parent Coaching

Jean considers play as the foundation for children’s health, development and well-being.  In her experience PLAY is imperative for the future development of all children so they can become happy and healthy. Jean brings her experience as a teacher and early intervention professional. Empowering families who care for children aged 0-6 years with additional needs and developmental delays. Throughout her experience Jean’s passion is to support families and teachers to implement practical strategies for children. Jean is a Registered Play Therapist and is trained in Child Centred Play Therapy (CCPT), Learn to Play therapy and Filial Family therapy.

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Phoebe Godfrey

Play Therapy | Filial Therapy | Learn to Play | Parent Coaching

Phoebe is both a registered and practising Paediatric Occupational Therapist, and Child Play Therapist.   She has specialised interests in working with children with atypical development and/or additional needs within this space. Phoebe combines her professional skills to empower adults within the child’s life to better understand their needs, and to communicate this through attunement. Phoebe takes a holistic approach to working with a child and their family so that they can have a deeper understanding and connection in working together as the Team Around the Child. She utilises therapeutic underpinnings of child development, attachment theory, and relationship based learning.

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Supporting children Melbourne

Laura Rosenberg

Play Therapy | Filial Therapy | Learn to Play | Parent Coaching

Laura is a clinical Play Therapist and trained Social Worker who is passionate about working with children and families. Laura is dedicated to supporting children to reach their potential and to heal from difficult experiences through the therapeutic powers of play. Laura is committed to supporting children to express and explore themselves in the best way they know how – through play. Laura understands that each child and family’s therapeutic journey is unique and believes that children are best supported when their parents or carers are included in the therapeutic process.

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Tulin Kocacik

Play Therapy | Filial Therapy | Parent Coaching

Tulin has years of experience working for not-for-profit and community  organisations and as  a human service practitioner in the West, she has worked with the most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities including, Aboriginal people. Tulin holds expertise in working therapeutically with children and families who present with complex  and challenging needs,  trauma, attachment and mental health concerns. Tulin is also well experienced in working collaboratively with multiple agencies and professionals that are involved in the child and family’ life.

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Rebecca Huntley

Play Therapy | Filial Therapy | Parent Coaching

Rebecca is a Registered Music Therapist (RMT) and Play Therapist who has over 10 years’ experience working with infants, children, and their families in a range of settings.  She has experience working with a variety of challenges that can impact on children’s wellbeing including social and peer difficulties, attachment and emotional problems, grief and loss, anxiety, neurological concerns, developmental delays, changes in family care and traumatic events. Rebecca is passionate about supporting children to thrive in all areas of their lives including their learning and development, emotional wellbeing, relationships, and family life.

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administrative assistant

Tallara Drew-Hazou

Clinical Admin| Assistant to Director

Tallara is the Clinical Admin Worker at Play Therapy Hub. She is passionate about supporting families and building children’s resilience. Tallara has a background in psychology and a strong interest in child development, parent education, and parent-child relationships. Tallara will welcome you to Play Therapy Hub by responding to your email or phone enquiry. She is happy to answer any questions and help you learn about the benefits of play therapy for you and your family.

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barbara beirao

Barbara Beirao

Play Therapy | Filial Therapy | Parent Coaching 

Barbara is a play therapist, mother and grandmother with over 20 years’ experience working therapeutically with families for profit (family services), statutory settings (child protection) both in New Zealand and Australia and private practice. She holds extensive training and experience providing assessment, child therapy, parent skill training and mental health counselling to parents, children and adolescents. Barbara operates her private practice, Playful Healing Therapy from Play Therapy Hub and is based at the Preston Clinic. Barbara also speaks fluent Portuguese.

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Here’s what our clients had to say about their children and our Play Therapy Melbourne:

Children’s therapy centre

We began play therapy hoping that it would be an effective way of breaking the difficult cycle that I was in with my son. Our play therapist, Mardi, has a beautiful manner with our son and we have valued her insightful observations about what may be underlying his behaviours.

Danielle (Mother)
Filial Therapy Melbourne Testimonial

The combination of the play therapy and implementing her simple strategies has been very effective in changing things at home. We have found play therapy to be very beneficial for our family and are now undertaking filial therapy to continue to reap the rewards of the play therapy approach.

Karen & Rob (Parents)
Play Therapy Melbourne Testimonial

Natalie is fun, bright and bubbly. Through Play Therapy Melbourne, she was easily able to connect with my child and we cannot believe how much he has transformed from being an anxious and unsure little boy, into the settled, confident and social child he is now.

Emma (Parent)

My child has a trauma background. He’s getting the Play therapy for about 9 months now. I can’t not thank Helen enough for her help and support . It’s been a very hard journey but the result is amazing. He has got great control on his emotions. He is a happy boy now 🙂

Mark & Linda (Parents)
Child Therapy Melbourne Testimonial

Donna’s play therapy & animal assisted therapy work has been instrumental in supporting & developing an understanding of the underlying issues of our disengaged refugee students. Her expertise has also been welcomed by staff who needed insight in engaging & developing strategies to meet the needs of our highly challenging students.

Ivan Araujo (Dandenong West Primary Youth Worker)

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