Filial Family Therapy is a time limited psycho educational intervention that is designed to strengthen families through the use of 30 minute weekly therapeutic play sessions, facilitated by a parent at home. It is a combination of family therapy and play therapy to improve parent – child relationships. Parents are trained and supervised to conduct a special type of therapeutic play that is mostly non-directive in nature.

As parents learn the basic play therapy principles and skills, they can eventually hold these 30 minute play sessions at home. The therapist will provide supervision and coaching to parents in follow up sessions when they have commenced their 30 minute weekly special play time sessions at home.

The Filial Therapy program is suitable for families with children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old who have problems with their own feelings and/ or difficulty in relationship with others. 

Typically, children love having “special play time” with their parents. Parents also find that the time spent together in play is so valuable and special that they are happy to do this. As long as the essentials are taught to parents/caregivers and they follow through, the program can be adapted in various ways to meet the circumstances of the family.